We service all Seat models...

We have specialist advisors for all marques and models. We provide both Industry Standard Services and Manufacturer Spec Services dependent on the mileage and age of your vehicle, in Barrow in Furness. Give us a call on 01229 831416 for advice to find out which one provides you with the best value.


Seat Condition Based Service (CBS)

Your Seat is in the safe hands of our team of qualified technicians and mechanics - who will deliver Seat servicing at the highest standard using the latest equipment and techniques. All Seat CBS will include parts as listed & any manufacture recommendations or repairs necessary will be advised & reported.

The Seat Service

You can opt for a Seat interim service in Barrow in Furness or a Seat full service in Barrow in Furness. Whichever you choose, it will be carried out by qualified technicians and mechanics using the latest kit and equipment.

Your Seat Warranty

Through the updated European law " Block Exemption" (2003) and by using genuine parts which are of "Original Equipment" (OE) quality standard, your warranty will remain protected when serviced here. We can also stamp your Seat service book.


Seat Model Interim Service
prices from (+VAT)
Major Service
prices from (+VAT)
Seat Alhambra – 1.8 – 2.0 POA (+VAT) POA (+VAT)
Seat Alhambra – 2.8 24V POA (+VAT) POA (+VAT)
Seat Alhambra – All POA (+VAT) POA (+VAT)
Seat Altea – 1.6 – 2.0 POA (+VAT) POA (+VAT)
Seat Altea – All POA (+VAT) POA (+VAT)
Seat Arosa – 1.0 – 1.4 POA (+VAT) POA (+VAT)
Seat Arosa – 1.7 POA (+VAT) POA (+VAT)
Seat Arosa – All POA (+VAT) POA (+VAT)
Seat Cordoba – 1.0 – 1.6 POA (+VAT) POA (+VAT)
Seat Cordoba – 1.7 – 1.9 POA (+VAT) POA (+VAT)
Seat Cordoba – 2 POA (+VAT) POA (+VAT)
Seat Cordoba – All POA (+VAT) POA (+VAT)
Seat Ibiza – 0.9 – 1.9 POA (+VAT) POA (+VAT)
Seat Ibiza – 2 POA (+VAT) POA (+VAT)
Seat Ibiza – All POA (+VAT) POA (+VAT)
Seat Inca – 1.4 – 1.6 POA (+VAT) POA (+VAT)
Seat Inca – 1.9 POA (+VAT) POA (+VAT)
Seat Leon – 1.4 – 1.6 POA (+VAT) POA (+VAT)
Seat Leon – 1.8 – 1.9 POA (+VAT) POA (+VAT)
Seat Leon – 1.8 Cupra R POA (+VAT) POA (+VAT)
Seat Leon – All POA (+VAT) POA (+VAT)
Seat Malaga – 0.9 – 1.7 POA (+VAT) POA (+VAT)
Seat Marbella – All POA (+VAT) POA (+VAT)
Seat Panda – 0.9 POA (+VAT) POA (+VAT)
Seat Terra – 0.9 – 1.4 POA (+VAT) POA (+VAT)
Seat Toledo – 1.4 – 1.8 POA (+VAT) POA (+VAT)
Seat Toledo – 1.9 – 2.3 POA (+VAT) POA (+VAT)
Seat Toledo – All POA (+VAT) POA (+VAT)